Control The Variables - James Giroux

Control The Variables

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Recently I had a support experience that was less than efficient.  Maybe you’ve had an experience like this as well.  I had a customer who was using a product who didn’t have a lot of experience.  They were very good at researching answers to their problems but when it came to communicating what they couldn’t […]

Your Theme Demo Sucks - James Giroux

Your Theme Demo Sucks

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Okay, so the title is a little rough.  I read an article recently about Robert Falcone’s latest book called “Just F*ing Demo” that talks about how product demos are done wrong because they focus more on the product and less on the audience.  That stopped me in my tracks.  Falcone’s point is that when we demo […]

So You've Built A Theme, Now What? - James Giroux

So You’ve Built A Theme, Now What?

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If the makers of some of the most popular themes could go back in time and start over, what do you think would be the area they would choose to invest more time in?  Do you think it would be bug crushing or adding features?  Perhaps they would have refactored their code one more time […]