PageLines DMS is Coming

PageLines DMS is Coming

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Well, for the last few weeks I’ve watched the momentum around PageLines DMS grow.  PageLines is an organization I’ve had the privilege of connecting with for the last year and since February, I’ve been building sites exclusively on their framework.  It started with an article I read on the ManageWP Blog.  In the article the author (Nathan Weller) talked about the idea of creating sites that were built in such a way as to allow users the ability to move their content from one theme to the next without losing it all.



just a few days left until @PageLines DMS launches. hope you’re all ready!


It was a simple idea but one that I had as yet, not really thought through.  I have to be honest, this has been a year of extreme growth for me.  After being out of the full-time industry of freelance design (web and otherwise) for the last 8 years or so, I’ve been on a steep learning curve to bring myself up to speed on the latest technologies and best practices.  That’s not to say I wasn’t creating or designing, it was just in a different capacity and at the ‘just get this done’ level instead of the deep learning phase I’ve come to enjoy so much.    So as I read that article a deep sense of responsibility came over me, that I owed it to my current and future clients to give them a platform they could use into the future.

Along with that challenge came something else I had been working through as a designer.  As a frequent user of Theme Forest I’d learned first hand the frustrating reality of so many different developers creating parallel offerings.  It’s true they were all working off of WordPress and they had that in common but that was where commonality ended.  With each new theme came a new culture and system to learn.  I would see a theme demo that I really liked and then have to hack away for hours and sometimes days at a time trying to understand why some things were done via shortcode while others were set in the theme options, and the theme options were always different.  I was getting frustrated with what I thought was a poor way to develop and design and even went so far as to start thinking about calling my developer friends all up and pitching the idea of building some type of starting point options panel that I could give away to people just so that I’d have at least a little understanding of what was going on.

PageLines DMS - Amazing Drag & Drop

PageLines DMS – Amazing Drag & Drop.

Nathan Weller (the author of that ManageWP post) had a list of frameworks that offered good support, developer options and a community of designers/developers working to extend each framework.  It just so happened that PageLines was on that list.  I knew that name because in July of 2012 I had used PageLines to design a site for my friend Jarret Popowich.  I’d found it a little confusing to use and I didn’t really understand how I was supposed to create a site with it but I fumbled my way through it and got a great looking site up for my friend Jarret and then moved on to other projects.

It was now time to take another look at PageLines and see if I could figure out how to use it.  Well, I read everything I could find on PageLines.  I read their docs, downloaded their theming kit, and watched every video they’d produced on designing sites with PageLines.  Then I discovered the store.  The store opened up my design capacity to a whole new level because I could extend PageLines with great functionality using custom sections and plugins designed specifically for PageLines.  And that was it, I was hooked.

I designed Redwood Park Church‘s site using PageLines, Christian Counselling Ottawa‘s site using PageLines and I even redid my own site using PageLines.  I’d discovered a framework that was doing exactly what I’d wanted.  It was providing a group of designers and developers with a common starting point and great built in features to start a new site from.  And what’s great was that instead of worrying about functionality, I was able to focus on the design, what I was truly passionate about instead of worrying about how to learn php and javascript and how to code.

Well, after a month or two of practically devoting myself to designing with PageLines I decided to take my investment to the next level.  I’d gained so much from designing with PageLines that I wanted to get more involved in the developer community.  I asked PL how I could become a PageLines ‘pro’ and they said to get involved in the community first and go from there.  So that’s what I did.  I jumped in, got involved and haven’t looked back.  It’s been great.

PageLines DMS

One of the things I was able to do was get beta access to the newest version of PageLines, something they’re calling PageLines DMS.  Where PageLines 2.x is a framework for building sites on, PageLines DMS is a totally new way of thinking about how a site on WordPress is built.  I know what people say every time they hear that, ‘yeah, whatever, there are loads of other frameworks doing that.’  Not like this.

I am not a coder (yet).  I don’t know php or javascript.  The limit of my abilities is HTML, CSS and the little bits of LESS I’ve been able to teach myself in the last few months.  PageLines DMS gives me the most intuitive and precise control of the design aspects of my site that I’ve seen.  I’ve tried Headway, Genesis and many other design platforms but PageLines DMS is truly revolutionary.  It’s given me the opportunity to create and do amazing things that I would not have otherwise been able to do.

I am really excited about PageLines DMS and its launch on July 24th.  I really believe that it is going to unlock website design for the many aspiring designers out there looking for an opportunity to get the code out of the way so they can focus on creating stunningly beautiful websites.  I have the really cool honour of having the first public site on PageLines DMS and have since added eight more designs.  Some for clients and some that I’ll be releasing on the PageLines DMS store.

DMS launch is just days away and I am so excited to see other people get their hands on it and to see what they come up with.


11 Responses to "PageLines DMS is Coming"
  1. olivernielsen says:

    Hi James

    A good read. I’m excited to see what PageLines DMS brings to the table.

    I like the CCO site btw!


  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for the post, I am looking forward to giving DMS a try. I like the look of your site: but looks like you have dropped some of the image links here:


    • James Giroux says:

      hey kevin! thanks for finding that. looks like with my new site design I forgot to transfer a few folders over…oops! It should all be back up and running now. +1 good deed point to you for finding that.

  3. Hi james, would you consider helping with a site redesign on the page lines platform?

    • James Giroux says:

      hey steve! Absolutely! send me a message via my contact form and let me know what you’re thinking.

  4. John says:

    Hi James,

    The site and your don’t work at all well on an iPhone using Safari or Chrome browsers, to the point of being almost totally unusable. I’m excited by DMS but your examples don’t appear to work that well on mobile. Is this something you are aware of?

    • James Giroux says:

      hey John. thanks for the comments. I’m still using an older Beta version of DMS and that could be causing some conflicts. I use chrome for iOS and seem to be able to load the site fine but did notice some issues with navigation. I’ll point it out to the team and hopefully they’ll push an update out. Thanks for pointing these out!

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